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Vegan Fudge

Vegan Fudge

Our new Vegan fudge, sweet and delicious
Our New Product Range

Vegan Fudge

By popular request we are introducing a range of 4 flavours of Vegan Fudge made by the The Fudge Factory.
Although Fudge is traditionally made with dairy we are now able to offer Fudge which is Vegan and made with Soya Milk.
The flavours which are now available are Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate and Orange and Strawberry and Cream. Each one is delicious.

Fudge Flavours

Keep checking back as we look to explore new flavours of fudge to share with you

Fudge is a type of sweet confectionary that is usually made by combining sugar, butter, and milk or cream, and heating the mixture until it reaches a soft-ball stage. Flavourings such as vanilla as popular but you can also get different flavours and that’s what we do at D&D Chocolates. 
Fudge has a smooth and creamy texture and is usually cut into small squares or rectangles. It is a popular confectionery treat and can be found in many different flavours, styles and variations.

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The egg has long been a symbol of new life, and the custom of giving eggs at Easter goes back to ancient times. 
Over time, chocolate makers began to create egg-shaped chocolates, often filled with sweet treats, as a way to celebrate the holiday. Today, chocolate eggs and other Easter-themed treats like bunnies and chicks are popular gifts and treats enjoyed by many during the Easter season.  Here at D&D chocolates we make a variety of Easter eggs, why not check out our best-selling mini eggs.
Christians adopted the egg as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, with the egg representing the tomb from which Christ emerged.