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Are you Felt Baskets Vegan Friendly?
    Our felt Baskets are completely Vegan friendly.  They are manufactured only using man made fibres.
Are your chocolate Easter eggs egg free?
    All our chocolate products are egg free and carry the VEGAN logo
Are your products nut free as my Grandson is allergic to both nuts and also dairy?
    Hi   Yes all our products are nut free and also dairy and gluten free
Can I cook with Carob?
    Yes you can cook with Carob. You can melt it for a delicious topping, you can add to recipes as a substitute for chocolate and it will melt. You can use to decorate cakes, ice cream etc.
Can I cook with your Chocolate?
    Yes you can. You can use the chocolate chips to make delicious biscuits and cakes. You can melt the chocolate to use as an icing and to decorate ice cream etc.
Can you explain why your products carry a "may contain traces of soya" warning please?
    The "may contain traces of soya" warning has now been removed from our chocolate products.  They are now produced in a soya free environment.