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December at D&D Chocolates - Happy Christmas....

December at D&D Chocolates - Happy Christmas....To the lady who rang last week to ask whether we were Nut-Free as she couldn't find any reference to it on the website. Well it now on the site and I can confirm that we are a NUT FREE unit and have been for at least six months ; and many thanks for your call.

Whether its to do with the website, the products(or product requests )packaging or our service we are always pleased to receive your comments.

Don't forget to get your orders in NOW, time is very short and some items are very low in stock, so as not to be disappointed please act now.
Last orders will be sent by Wednesday 19th December by courier to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Can I thank you for your support through out the year we really do enjoy serving you and speaking to so many of you on the phone. Please keep calling.

So,I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and we looking forward to talking to you in the New Year.

Every Blessing,

Steve,Barbara, Emma and Sharon

PS I have not forgotten about Compton Verney and will tell you all about it next year.
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