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Chocolate Buying Guide

Our Chocolate

Our chocolate is made to an exclusive continental style recipe of dark chocolate. The cocoa mass which gives it taste is only 55% which means that even the youngest children will find it very enjoyable and easy to digest.

Our carob is top quality and is naturally sweet, so we don't add ANY sugar. All our products are made in a Nut Free unit.

Why is your chocolate different to normal chocolate?

Our chocolate not only tastes great, it also is:

  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
  • Vegan Friendly

Who is our Chocolate suitable for?

Our chocolate is perfect for: -
  • Anyone with a milk intolerance who cannot have lactose
  • Vegetarians – there is no ingredient of our chocolate that cannot be consumed by Vegetarians.
  • Vegans – All our chocolate products carry the Vegan Society logo on pur product
  • Anyone with a nut allergy – our manufacturing premises is Nut Free

Is this Chocolate suitable for Cooking?

Yes our chocolate is suitable for cooking with, we would recommend buying Chocolate Chips as these are perfect for adding to recipes, maybe try some chocolate drops for decorating cakes
We are working on some recipes and will be publishing them soon to our website.

Types of our Product: -



Flavoured Chocolate


This is a chocolate shell, filled with a flavoured creamy fondant, like strawberry or mint.

If the filling of the chocolate contains sugar, this will be clearly stated on the product details.

All filling ingredients are natural.

Our shaped chocolate is where we have used a mold to place the chocolate in to give it a design.   

We flavor our chocolate during the manufacturing process, we use finest quality flavor to give our chocolate a distinctive yet enjoyable taste.  Examples of flavorings is Mint or Orange

When we make bars, we simply place our chocolate into bar mould and seal it fresh in foil so that it reaches our customers as fresh as we made it.