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Carob Mixed Fondants x 18 - Contains Sugar

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Carob Mixed Fondants x 18 - Contains SugarAn attractive red oblong box with beautiful bow containing 18 flavoured fondants  6 strawberry, 6 orange and 6 lemon

Non-hydrogenated palm oil, Carob Powder, Soya powder, Emulsifier - Sunflower lecithin
Strawberry flavour: Essential Natural Oil of Strawberry
Lemon: Essential Sicilian Lemon natural oil
Orange: Natural Oil of Orange
Fondant (sugar, glucose, water)

Allergen Advice:
Contains Soya
May contain a trace of dairy from manufacturing machinery now being used

Customer reviews
Lovely treat to make a day a bit brighter. Good taste.
Robert B.
Love them and have to be strong and ration my intake - it's hard!!!
Jenny N.