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Carob Mixed Fondants x 18 - Contains Sugar

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Carob Mixed Fondants x 18 - Contains SugarAn attractive red oblong box with beautiful bow containing 18 flavoured fondants  6 strawberry, 6 orange and 6 lemon

Non-hydrogenated palm oil, Carob Powder, Soya powder, Emulsifier - Sunflower lecithin
Strawberry flavour: Essential Natural Oil of Strawberry
Lemon: Essential Sicilian Lemon natural oil
Orange: Natural Oil of Orange
Fondant (sugar, glucose, water)

Allergen Advice:
Contains Soya
May contain a trace of dairy from manufacturing machinery now being used

Customer reviews
The carob fondants are as lovely as ever. It's great to have 'posh' carob niceties.
Jenny N.
Lovely treat to make a day a bit brighter. Good taste.
Robert B.
Love them and have to be strong and ration my intake - it's hard!!!
Jenny N.