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Carob Mixed Box 50g Bar x 24

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Carob Mixed Box 50g Bar x 24Box contains 8 natural bars, 8 orange bars and 8 peppermint bars

This is your chance to share all three flavours of naturally sweet Siesta Carob  with your friends.

Natural Bars:   non-hydrogenated palm oil; carob, soya powder; emulsifier - sunflower lecithin

Orange Bars:  As above but with additional Natural Orange Oil

Peppermint Bars:  As above but with additional Natural Peppermint Oil

Allergen Advice:
Contains Soya
May contain a trace of dairy due to manufacturing machinery now being used
Customer reviews
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A superb way of buying a variety of flavoured carob bars. For me they have two great advantages over any other type of confectionery. 1. They are sugar-free. 2. Carob is low in oxalate (chocolate is high) & so helps me to avoid a whole lot of unpleasant symptoms associated with oxalate, including (but not only!) kidney stones. Well worth knowing if you're a potential sufferer!
Erica W.
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I can't eat chocolate, so have discovered these carob bars, which I love.
Debbie P.
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Nice selection of bars.
Jean B.
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Great product and sugar free.
Gillian R.
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Very tasty.
Aurelija R.