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Carob Buying Guide

Siesta Carob

Our Carob brand is called Siesta Carob – and all the carob we produce will carry this brand name.

Siesta carob products are an alternative confectionery made from Carob flour/powder. The Carob comes from the husk of the locust bean which is gently roasted and then scrapped to provide a fine light powder. This is then mixed with palm oil which comes from an approved sustainable source.

Our carob is top quality and is naturally sweet, so we don't add ANY sugar.

Why is Siesta Carob so special?

Our Carob not only tastes great, it also is:
  • Gluten free
  • Caffeine free
  • Cocoa free
  • Theobromine  Free
  • Oxalic acid Free

Who is our carob suitable for?

  • Our carob is perfect for: -
  • Vegans
  • Anyone on a special restricted sugar diet
  • Vegetarians – there is no ingredient of our carob that cannot be consumed by Vegetarians.
  • Anyone who is allergic to caffeine or cocoa.

Is Carob suitable for Cooking?

Yes our carob is suitable for cooking with, we would recommend buying Carob Flakes (Link) as these are perfect for adding to recipes. You can add Carob Drops for decoration. Great melted over ice cream
We are working on some recipes and will be publishing them soon to our website.

Types of our Product: -



Flavoured Carob


A fondant is usually a filled carob shell that will have a soft centre.  Examples of this would be strawberry or orange.

 The filling contains added sugar, this will be clearly stated on the product details.

All filling ingredients are natural.

Our shaped carob is where we have used a mold to place the carob in to give it a design. 

We flavour our carob during the manufacturing process, we use finest quality ingredients to give our carob a distinctive yet enjoyable taste.  Examples of flavourings are Mint or Orange

When we make bars, we simply place our carob into a bar mold and when set seal it so that it reaches our customers as fresh as we made it.