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Allergies in the News

Child with Dairy Free Chocolate Christmas Gift

It has been widely reported on the BBC this week that the number of hospital admissions for allergic reactions have increased by a third over the last 5 years (Data from NHS reported by the BBC)

We often have calls from parents who are concerned over their children’s allergies and looking for products they can consume so as not to feel left out when other siblings are enjoying milk chocolate.

As an allergy specialist confectionery company we are very aware of children who have one or more allergies which is why we have become a nut free unit. 
Here at D&D Chocolates we offer a dairy free, gluten free and nut free chocolate that ismade to our own recipe that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

We also manufacture Carob products as an alternative to chocolate.  Our brand Siesta Carob is caffeine free, theobromine free and contains no cocoa product.  All Siesta Carob products are handmade using non-hydrogenated palm oil (from a sustainable source) and has no added sugar in the bars or shapes.   Sugar is added to the fondant range.

Here is one of our customers kids enjoying the Penguin Bag with Chocolate this is also available in Carob

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