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Carob powder is produced from the pods of the tree Ceratoma Siliqua (a member of the pea genus) grown extensively in the Mediterranean. It is naturally sweet, contains no caffeine, no theobromine, and no oxalic acid. Carob contains the digestion-regulating fibres pectin and lignin. It also contains vitamins A and D together with three important B vitamins and is also high in calcium and trace elements. Once harvested the pods are separated from the beans and roasted, milled and sieved to produce the powder.

The taste of the carob powder is controlled by the amount of roasting it receives, the longer the roasting, the stronger the taste.

Any flavourings used are natural, not nature identical (we do not use chemical equivalents). No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives are used within any of our recipe schemes.

Apart from the popular Siesta carob bars D & D Chocolates also makes a range of seasonal items (Christmas and Easter) to ensure that those who have a need for this product are not neglected.

The aim of D & D Chocolates is to produce the most natural and taste acceptable alternative to cocoa based confectionery for those who prefer it to, or cannot eat, conventional dairy based confectionery products.

For further information on our Siesta Carob or Dairy Free Chocolate ranges please contact Barbara Burgess on 02476 370909 or visit our web-site
Siesta Carob Flakes Ideal for Cooking
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6 Mint Carob fondants
Pretty box of six hand made Carob Peppermint Fondants (contain sugar)
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Basket of Natural Carob
A wicker basket containing a selection of our most popular natural Siesta Carob lines
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Carob Flower Shapes 100g
100g of your most popular flowers formed in naturally sweet Siesta carob. These exquisitely made flowers are wrapped in vibrant coloured foils and presented in an elegant bag.