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About Our Chocolate

Dairy Free Chocolate Dinosaurs

D&D Chocolates Making Gluten and Dairy Free Chocolate

Chocolate was first brought to Europe after the conquest of South America where the Aztecs consumed it in the form of a sweetened drink which was believed to increase wisdom and boast energy levels.

Made to the exacting standards of continental style chocolate, D & D have been able to manufacture a truly dairy free product. Our chocolate is completely soya free.

D & D are now registered with the Vegan Society and all our products are produced in a totally nut free, dairy free and gluten free unit. D & D can proudly consider itself one of the main dairy and gluten free confectionery companies in the UK today.

I am excited that we have as a company been able to produce such a great tasting product as we had set our hearts on producing a dark chocolate that was not only mild in texture (we use only 55% cocoa mass) but suitable for children and delicious to taste.Feedback from our customers tells us that they really like the taste so that makes us very happy.We are now confident that we can produce really excellent fondants, drops and other exciting products with this style of chocolate.

Popular Dairy Free Chocolate Products

Chocolate 100g Bar

Larger 100g Vegan Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bunny Lollipop
Attractive  Chocolate  Bunny Lollipop
Chocolate Raspberry Crumble Hollow Eggs  160g
Attractive bowed cello box containing 8 x 20g Chocolate Raspberry Crumble Hollow Eggs. 
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