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Free From Award Winner 2014

D&D Chocolates Award Winners

Dairy Free Chocolate
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  We at D & D Chocolates are proud to say that we as part of the founding fathers of these awards have played a significant role in putting the Awards in to place. We have always supported the Awards and have been commended for our products on a number of occasions.

We have always believed our fondants were something special and this year it was proved when we won the Christmas Product award with our 'Minty Snowmen'.

The Winning Product

Chocolate Minty Snowmen  
Detailed product description
- Hand Made
- Gluten Free
- Dairy Free
- Nut Free
- Vegan Friendly

The Carob Alternative

Siesta Carob Minty Snowmen  
Siesta Carob
- Our Own Exclusive Recipe
- Gluten Free
- Caffeine Free
- Theobromine Free
At the beginning of this century, there were only a few manufacturers producing Free From food products, many for the gluten -free market. Most of these products were frankly awful, lacking in taste and quality and very expensive.

Michelle Berridales Johnson, the editor of Food Matters has been a long term advocate of the thought ,that although people had allergies to food stuffs there was no reason that free from products should not be of very good quality and full of taste.

From small beginnings of some 30 manufacturers, the industry has grown to over 350 world wide. In fact so popular has this sector become there are now Free From Awards shows all over Europe. The range of products now being produced is staggering and most of them are a very high quality and extremely tasty too.

So it was several years ago in a café in Belize Park North London that the idea for the Free From Awards was born. With the prime aim of raising the standard and quality of Free From products.

Barbara says 'We almost gave up entering this year but we believe that persistence is the key to success -and so it has proved. We are thrilled and delighted and our Minty Snowmen will be featured at the Allergy Show in Liverpool in October this year'.
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